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My Recent Absence and the Current Mission

Posted on Sat Nov 26th, 2011 @ 9:28am by Vice Admiral Iluvar

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Some of you may have noticed a significant decline in the amount of activity aboard the USS Pandora over the past few weeks and I must apologize that I have not been taking a more active role in leading by example. It has been a difficult month for many of us as far as our real life commitments are concerned, which has unfortunately made it difficult for us to push forward with our new mission as originally planned. We also find ourselves faced with the upcoming holiday season and the additional demands upon our time typically associated with this time of year.

I want to make clear my desire to continue with our current mission and the simulation as a whole. This December will mark the fourth anniversary of my first being appointed command of the USS Tethys (which later became the USS Pandora). Looking back at all we have accomplished together these past four years is enough to make any commanding officer proud. It is because of your efforts this simulation has become known across the fleet as a group which embarks on impressive missions while still making time for quality character development. There is no doubt in my mind, with persistence, we will be able to continue that tradition into the new year.

It is at this time I would like to ask each of you to drop me a line and let me know generally what your expectations for activity levels are for the remainder of this calendar year. Are you expecting to travel for the holidays? Do you have school or work assignments you expect will be taking up your time? How much do you think you could be contributing to our simulation between now and 31 December 2011? This does not need to be a lengthy message, but I do expect each member to send me something so that I can have a better picture of what we will be working with.

Concurrent to this news post, you will all be receiving the start to a joint mission post which will show our arrival at the Romulan Colony of Nerus V along with the USS Clara Barton. I strongly encourage everyone to participate in this joint mission post as much as they can as it will quickly be followed by another joint post depicting our first away team to visit the surface. It is my hope that we will be able to push forward with this mission as all are able so that we will have seen some forward progression by the end of this year.

Vice Admiral Iluvar
Commanding Officer, USS Pandora
Task Force Commanding Officer, Task Force 22 "Pathfinders"
Eighth "Horizon" Fleet


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