Episode 2.3 - "Hippocratic Oath"

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The year 2387 saw growing political unrest within the Romulan Empire thrown into chaos by the disastrous effects of the Hobus Supernova. At the order of the Federation Council, hundreds of Starfleet vessels were redeployed to render support and humanitarian aid to the Romulan people. The USS Pandora, under the command of recently restored Vice Admiral Iluvar, has been ordered to escort the Olympic-class USS Clara Barton to the Nerus V Colony in hopes of bringing relief to Romulan colonists suffering from a mysterious epidemic. As the two vessels race to find a cure, they begin to realize something sinister may be lurking in the shadows.

Part of Season 2: "...Progress Shall Rise"

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Episode 1.1 - "Now Boarding"

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The crew of the USS Tethys begin to settle into their new home aboard the USS Pandora, contemplating the changes that their new assignment will bring and bidding farewell to the starship that has served them so well.

Part of Season 1: "Out of Trial and Confusion..."

Episode 1.2 - "A House Divided"

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Conditions within the Romulan Empire have continued to deteriorate since the upheaval caused by Shinzon's coup. With increased hostilities between the Federation and the Elyshans threatening to escalate into open war, Rear Admiral Iluvar and the crew of the USS Pandora embark on a mission to open the lines of communication and assess the strength of Romulan forces along the border. What they find will shock them all...

Part of Season 1: "Out of Trial and Confusion..."

Episode 1.3 - "The Time of Trial"

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There are some people who will do anything it takes to further their own careers, even if it is at the expense of someone else. When Rear Admiral Iluvar receives orders to appear before a Board of Inquiry, the USS Pandora must divert to Deep Space 4, where the proceedings are to be held. Word of the investigation has already begun to spread amongst the Pandora’s crew by the time the Board of Inquiry is officially convened. When a simple investigation becomes a personal vendetta, will one man be able to weather the storm?

Part of Season 1: "Out of Trial and Confusion..."

Episode 1.4 - "Confusion in the Cluster"

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The USS Pandora has been dispatched to investigate and assess reports of resurgence in the raiding of merchant shipping in the region near the Black Cluster, known for its volatile anomalies and the proximity of the Breen.

Part of Season 1: "Out of Trial and Confusion..."

Episode 2.1 - "Unanswered Questions"

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The USS Pandora returns to Starbase 386 after being recalled from their assignment in the Black Cluster with more questions than answers about what really happened to the SS Markon.

Part of Season 2: "...Progress Shall Rise"

Episode 2.2 - "Resistance"

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While on routine assignment near the outskirts of Federation space, the crew of the USS Pandora detect the last thing any of them expect to see...a Borg transponder signal. Starfleet Command orders Captain Iluvar and his crew, with the assistance of Vice Admiral Quinn Androski and the crew of the USS Orlando, to investigate immediately and to assess any possible threat that may be present.

Part of Season 2: "...Progress Shall Rise"