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Plus One

Posted on Sun Jul 3rd, 2011 @ 10:51am by Lieutenant Thelin ch'Rassa M.D.

Doctor Thelin ch'Rasssa's Personal Log Stardate 64324.87:

Less than fourty eight hours ago I had said my goodbyes to those whom would talk with me still aboard the Starbase before the Shuttlecraft Desomeaux dropped me off aboard the Pandora. Now as I hitch a ride to Starbase Fourty Two where I will start my career as a Chief Medical Officer I am left worrying how things went so author in the course of less than a year despite my professional accomplishments and service. The thought that one outspoken voice could carry so much damning weight troubles me even now.

Despite this I am looking forward to the week aboard the Pandora that I will have. A chance to be alone, to gather my thoughts, and to prepare myself for the journey that lies ahead. In the mean time I might even go seek out this ships CMO. I hear he helped develop the new easier to replicate blood replacement for humanoids. For now though I think I'll sit down to some spiced tea and relax for once. Sure it won't last long...

//End Personal Log//


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