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Missing CFO. MB-P-1

Posted on Tue Aug 30th, 2011 @ 1:02pm by Lieutenant JG Miranda Blackfur

Meairrrow! I've looked this ship from bow to stern, Doral to ventral and no sign of the CFO! That person just disappeared after bridge shift and there is still no traces. Not even the Ship's Computer can locate the Ship's Chief Flight Officer! There's gotta be an acting CFO or an asssistance to report to. I can't just wander the ship for my tour of duty here on the ship.

Hissss, sputtler, I sure dont want to distrub the Captian at this late of hour. To complain about a missing CFO or Assistance CFO! I'll check into it in the morning as right now we're near a debri field that the crew is studying.

If I was at the helm, I'd have the ship in a more convient spot for the crew to get back and forth to the debri field. I dont know why they find these new pasty grey looking cyborgs so interesting.

Anywhoooo.. I'm gonna go sleep and worry about it tomorrow with a more calmer mind.

end log


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