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Chief Engineer's Personal Log

Posted on Thu Jan 12th, 2012 @ 5:59am by Lieutenant JG William O'Donnell


O'Donnell entered his quarters shortly following his meeting with Vice Admiral Iluvar. For the first time in many months the usually sullen Irishman had a little jump in his step. He flashed each officer he passed a smile and a warm hello as he passed them on his way through the corridors, He even whistled a joyful tune from home. This was a far cry from his days on the USS Atlas, some of which were a direct cause of his mistakes.

"Scotch Whiskay!" William said beaming with happiness as he waited for his beverage to materialize. Removing the glass from the replicator he lifted it to his mouth and took a sip. The smooth liquid tantilized his taste buds as it rushed across his tongue and down his throat.

"Now that be a scotch whiskay!" he said excitedly.

"Computar! Begin Log"

"This be the Chief Engineer's parsonal log stardate 64652.3. After a less than pleasant trip on a starfleet transport I have arrived on tha [i] USS Pandora[/i]. It be needless ta say I had to get into Engineerin' right away as this ol' lass be in the shape of a retired Admiral. I mean, she STILL be in one piece and I hope Admiral Iluvar can keep her that way, but those kids in Engineerin be think ninetay eight parcent be exceptable! It's damn near bloody murder! I cannay believe that tha Academy has fallen to such sub par standards! Montgomery Scott be turnin' over in his grave right now."

"Tha Engines be not the only surprise this vessel have in store for me! The good Admiral actually came down to Engineerin' to greet me. I wonder if he be in the same spook gang as Gage Storm. Perhaps they are in cahoots, but I nay be thinkin so from the last conversation we be havin'."

O'Donnell took another sip from his drink.

"I informed the Admiral of my indiscretion aboard tha [i]Atlas[/i]. Normally I be havin' no troubles keepin secrets. Now everytime I think back to [i]Atlas[/i] I cannay help but see tha disappointment on Captan Storm's face. Fer me, it be time I move on and leave them secrets in tha past. I have nothing to hide and it not be changing my performance here, I think that it was Captan Storm was trying to tell me. I just nay be wanting to here it. What I be surprised about was the understandin' of tha Admiral. He nay be grillin' me or keepin me under watch, he basically told me to move on and keep this ship safe, somethin' I fully be intendin' on doin'."

William finished his beverage with one finally swig of his glass placing it on his table. "That be enough chattin' fer me, I have to be makin' sure we still have a warp core! One thing about [i]Atlas[/i] I do be missin' is Mr.Cage. For a lad so young he could pull some impressive things out of his behind....I suppose I just have to train a new apprentice."

"It was nice talkin' to ya again Computar. End log." he said smiling at the ceiling before departing his room.



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