general babblings - MB - P- 2

Posted on Mon Mar 5th, 2012 @ 6:21pm by Lieutenant JG Miranda Blackfur

Things are working out pretty good with my new assignment. It seams that Captain of the ship is pleased with my performance as Department head. I guess he was pleased with the way I handled the shuttle mishap in the shuttle bay. With the upcoming mision. It seams that I'll get a chance to try out the new shuttles. I've been brushing up on them scince they came aboard, replacing alot of the old familiar shuttles.

The Dunabe class shuttle is finally getting small ship statuse for independant missions in support of starbases. I'll miss that old workhorse of a shuttle ... now the new shuttles.

O'Donnell aint gonna be please when he finds out he has to leave his confortable job in Engineering to ride along on the new shuttles as we take them out for their first flight from the ship on an actual mission. I wonder if he gonna send some flunky or he's gonna show up.

Well gotta run, new mission just came up

end log