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Personal Time

Posted on Thu Feb 2nd, 2012 @ 2:31am by Lieutenant JG Miranda Blackfur

Mission: Episode 2.3 - "Hippocratic Oath"
Location: Pandora - Miranda's Den (quarters)

Miranda left the helm to her relief and stood up andstretched to get the blood flowing as she looked around the bridge. She paused to watch a new crewman enter the bridge and move directly to Captian's ready room without a glance about the bridge. She took in his engineering yellow uniform, rank and posture.

Once the man had disappeaerd behind closed doors of the Ready Room, she turned back to her relief and gave instructions, speaking softly not to disturb the others on the bridge. She smiled abit softly as she straightened once more, pivoting on her feet.

She moved off the bridge, heading to the lower decks that contained her Den (quarters), thinking over possible improvements for her department.

Entering her private sanctuary aboard the Pandora, Miranda moved through the room, removing her uniform and tossing it in the hamper to be cleaned at the earliest moment when it was convient for her to do so. Checking her alotted amount of water to see if a shower was feasable or the dreaded Sonic shower. Lucky for her, she had enough for this weeks ration.

She smiled as she removed the last of her clothing and activating the water shower to the comfortable level and stepping under the welcoming spray of warm water. She shut the shower doors and shook herself from head to foot and to the tip of her tail to allow the water to get to the skin beneath the fur. She purrrred uncontrollably with delight feeling the warm liquid caress her through the fur.

After the hour long shower, which she gave herself a full body shampooing and rinsing herself of very good. She gave herself a vigorious shaking, sending water flying within the shower cubicle.

"Miaowerrrrrrrrrrr" Softly with delight as she stepped from the stall, grabbing a brush and giving a soft chuffing giggle as she spotted her poofed fur sticking wetly out all over. "Time for a trim," softly as she began to brush herself dry the rest of the way. Luxurating under the stiff bristles of the brush with each stroke.

Putting the grooming brush up after disposing the dead fur that came loose and broken off, while grabbing her sheer silk gown and putting it on. Carefully poked her tail out the desinated tail hole in the caitian lounging gown.

She moved into the common room of her den and arranged herself on one of the big scattered floor pillows. "Holo-projection of Flight Department status." softly commanded and the holo-screen appears at eye level. She relaxed as she goes through the various reports from her newly acquired department. Seeing everything was running smoothly, smiles, her tail giving a contented sweep to the side and curling around her waist.

Eyes aglitter with contentment smiles softly as she shuts down the holo-screen and puts on some soft music to listen to. Laying back on the floor pillow, she stretches out her full length to include extending her claws, letting the blood flow fast through her, before relaxing from the stretch.

A soft purr emminated from her as she stood up and moved over to her makeshift prayer alter and kneeled before it to pay her respects to her beliefs. She reached out and touched each level of the makeshift alter as she murmered the required ritual quotes for each one.

Finishing her ritual of prayer to her diety, she stood and moved to get herswelf some food from her personal den's replicator. Just as she was about to input her order for her meal, her combadge when off, with sounds of activity behind the paniced voice calling her to get to the shuttle bay.

"Miaow!" She spoke softly in a tone reserved for swearing as she scampered back into her bedroom and changing back into a clean set of uniform. " I hope those miscreants down there haven't been playing around with things that are not to suppose to be messed with!"

Soon she was on her way, exiting her quarters, making her way to the upper shuttle bay.


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