Problem in the Shuttle Bay

Posted on Wed Feb 29th, 2012 @ 6:48pm by Lieutenant JG William O'Donnell & Lieutenant JG Miranda Blackfur

Mission: Episode 2.3 - "Hippocratic Oath"
Location: USS Pandora

Miranda moved through the ship heading to the shuttlebay as one of the shuttles developed a glitch, tapping her combadge to activate it.

=^= "Chief O'Donnell. You have a moment to spare as I need to see you in the shuttle bay, concerning one of my shuttles. miaow." =^=

O'Donnell looked at his commbadge confusedly as the transmission came through. =^= "Could ye repeat yer transmission again lass? I swear to god I be hearing a feline or some awfully strange interference coming through on yer end." =^=

=^= *soft chuffing sound* Of course ya hearing a feline, Chief. I am a Caitian. Still need to see you in the shuttle bay please. =^= entering the shuttle bay, looking over the motley crew of deck crew and pilots, looking at the shuttle that sat on the ready pad, smoke whisp coming from the open hatch.

William shook his head as he realized his folly. Although he had heard mumblings about Caitians he had yet to meet one. =^= Aye Lass! I be there in a moment. =^= he replied uncharacteristically embarrassed by his earlier remarks.

**Shuttle Bay**

Although William usually never made calls for something as trivial as a shuttle, normally sending one of his junior staff. He decided it best so he could also deliver a personal apology. He scanned around the shuttle bay for anything resembling a large house cat. The bay was filled with young pilots scampering about either running teats or sharing old 'war stories'.

He soon spotted a life size feline standing by a shuttle studying a PADD. She was wearing the standard yellow uniform except that a hole had been cut in her pants to accomodate her tail which flickered about. "Excuse me lass." he said from behind after approaching her. "Before we starting tinkerin' with yer shuttle I would like to apologize fer my arrogance. I have not be havin' the pleasure of meetin' a Caitian contrary to what my years may let ye think." he said pointing to his hair.

Miranda smiled at him, showing abit of white teeth, without showing the sharp end of her teeth. "It's okay. You dont get out and mingle with the crew. Miranda. Nice to meet the man behind the name."

She turned her attention back to the cluster by the damaged shuttle, "It's safe to go aboard now," Leading the way into heavily fire damaged shuttle.

O'Donnell followed the woman to the damaged shuttle. "Tha man behind thee name ye say? What exactly have people been sayin' about me?" he asked wondering what rumours had followed him from the Atlas, he knew none of the crew had.

"I seen yuor name on the crew manifest as the new chief enigneer." Miranda moved through the fire damage interior of the shuttle, working her way past some of the crew still in fire fighting appearrel. Turing to the senior of the group, spoke softly. "how bad was it?"

Senior Crewman looked at her, "The two pilots who were moving the shuttle to the ready pad were severely injured. Both from toxic smoke inhalations whish were immedaitly taken to the Infirmary after they saftly secured the shuttle form flight. From a glance at the scource of the fire..looked like a power coupling failure. But without expert investigation it could be anything from loose connection or meterial failure."

Miranda nodded from the quick on the spot assessment from the Senior Damage control specialist, turning to O'Donnell. "Care to take a look and see what you come up with?" Both moved out of the way from where the panel had blown off from the pressure buildup.

William squeezed his way past the caitian brushing gently against her fur. The feeling of the fine hairs rubbing against the skin of his hands made him feel awkward for a moment. He was accustomed to meeting a silky smooth surface when he touched a woman, this was smooth but in a much different sense. Ignoring the odd sensation he moved towards the damaged panel scanning the torched coupling.

He groaned as he studied the charred remains. "Ms. Blackfur this nay be good. What we be havin' here is a fine display of shotty maintenance. Whoeva was tamperin' wit these power couplings certainly nay be knowing what they were doin. Look here." he said pointing to a threaded portion of the coupling. "See how aggressive these threads be? They be designed to handle immense pressure. There be no damage here and yet they came apart. Ye need be reviewin' who be lookin' over yer craft." he finished grimly.

Miranda kneeled next to him to look at what he was pointing out to her. "Only flight deck maintenance crews are allowed to do maintaince on these shuttles." Studying the remains of the coupling. "Could this be easily overlooked?" leaning back on her heels, "We have the pilots do a pre-flight visual checks on everything that is accessable, then run a diagnostics before the fshuttle is cleared for flight."

Turning to the senior shuttle bay manager, "bring this shuttles loggs for servicing, pre-flight checks, and useage for this shuttle." Getting a nod from the man as he took off to get the records. "Enjoying your stay on the ship?" Making small talk as the records were being fetched.

"Aye!" he said with a grunt as he continued to delve into the charred remains. "She be a fine set of bones but she be requirin' a tad bit of fine tunin. Between the Admiral's office, main engineerin' and this bay I have yet to see the ship."

"Don't feel bad, there are places on this ship that I haven't visited yet myself and some to avoid at all cost," Miranda giving William a smile again. "Once we get to the bottom of this..." waving a paw/hand at the open panel, " for a drink later?"

William's eyes lit up as they moved from the panel to the Caitian's. "AYE lassy! Ye sure know how to treat yer engineerin' crew. I have been aching to try some scotch whiskay! See if this old girl can fair better than my last assignment...the damn ship tried to poison me! then played dirty and be replicatin' active disruptors!" he exclaimed loud enough the people in the next bay could probably hear him.

Miranda winced at the loud voice of the Engineer, but quickly controlled her expression, "bet that was a surprise to get activated disrupters.." giving the soft chuffing laughter, as the Ensign returned with the requested data. Giving it a quick scan over, handed it over to William to take a look, scince he knew what he was looking for. "If the ship treats ya dirty, I got a stash of liquors that would curl your tail or give ya one." Eyes sparkling in the Ambient light of the shuttle.

William perked an eyebrow up. "Miss Blackfur if ye want to take me out on a date and get me drunk, ye need just ask and have an ample supply of booze." he joked returning his gaze to the PADD.

"If I was asking you out on a date, I'd rather have ya somewhat sober," Miranda spoke softly in her soft caitain voice as he looked over the PADD that was brought to him.

"AH!" William said pointing to a spot on the PADD and showing it to Miranda. "Right there, tha technician be workin' with an apprentice. Chances be he let tha kid finish up without takin' a second look. I would be speakin' with this man."

Mirana looked at what was pointed out to her and scowled, she would've easily over looked that and given an 'attaboy' to the senior tech. but now was a total different story. "Be my guest. But leave enough of him so he can repair all this damage." Taking the PADD back, standing up and moving off the shuttle to giving orders to move the shuttle off the ready pad by the inhanger tractor beams and move another shuttle onto the ready pad. "Thanks for coming here from ya beloved engineering section," smiling at Chief O'Donnell.

O'Donnell laughed. "Don't cha be worryin' lass. He be gettin' very familiar with this craft. Next time ya take her out fer a boot, ye be swearin' she be brand new!"

Miranda laughed softly with the now familiar chuffing sound, smiling, "That is the way I like my crafts to be at all times, Chief. Looks like you have your work cut out for you with the Pandora." Giving him a smile abit predatory, "I'm Lieutenant Miranda Blackfur, Chief of Flight Department. I wished we could've met over drinks first." She purrred softly, liking this rough an tough Engineer as she checked his rugged features out as she made an educated guess at this one wasn't afraid to mix it up with others.

"Well I always be one for second chances." he joked grinning from ear to ear.


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