USS Pandora General Timeline

Created by Vice Admiral Iluvar on Mon Aug 22nd, 2011 @ 4:27pm

The following table outlines the starting dates for each of the missions aboard the USS Pandora as compared to the in-character Earthdate and the timeline aboard Starbase 386. This timeline is a rough approximation for comparison and reference purposes and may be adjusted at any time by the commanding officer.

USS Pandora
Starbase 386
USS Orlando
3 May 2386
Mission Day 1
(Now Boarding)
Station Day 10
6 May 2386
Mission Day 1
(A House Divided)
Station Day 13
(Have Fun Storming the Castle)
28 May 2386
Mission Day 1
(The Time of Trial)
Station Day 35
(Noisy Neighbors)
30 November 2386
Mission Day 1
(Confusion in the Cluster)
Station Day 221
17 December 2386
Shoreleave Day 1
(Unasnwered Questions)
Station Day 238
23 May 2387
Mission Day 1
Station Day 395
Mission Day 1
2 June 2387
Mission Day 1
(Hippocratic Oath)
Station Day 405

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